Hello and welcome to our website!

We wanted to make sure you knew some essential things about us and our site before you shopped. We are longtime residents of Westchester County. We raised our children and our dogs here.  After careers in science and education, we turned our passion and backgrounds to working with pet parents to provide education and products to help keep their pets healthy. With background in Medical Biology, we are able to engage with pet parents and vets to help find appropriate solutions for maintaining the good health of dogs and cats.

Tasteful Pets can be summed up simply...we are a small, independent, local business dedicated to helping people and their pets. That's it. So, whether you buy from us or not, please feel free to reach out and ask us any questions you may have. We promise to give you thoughtful, comprehensive and educated responses so that you can make the best decisions for your 4-legged family and yourselves.

We curate the products we carry to be sure they are of high quality, safe, healthful and fun for your pets and you. We house-make some products so that we have complete control over quality. For other products, we source suppliers who are transparent, have integrity, share our passion for pets, quality and our level of customer service. For many of the products we carry we work directly with the maker.

We value our relationship with our customers and we believe the relationship starts right here. That’s why, as you shop our website, you will see that for each product we have a section called, Why we picked these or Why choose this? That’s where we tell you about why we chose to carry that particular product or vendor and why we think it could be a good choice for your pet. If you want to know more, just ask.

We have a collection called Bargain Bundles and Specials. Please take a look. To help you save, we've put together bundles of essential items at a deep discount. We also run frequent sales and specials, which can be found here as well. 

We provide free personal delivery on orders of $25+ to Westchester & Putnam counties in NY and parts of Fairfield county in CT. We ship outside our delivery area. 

If you do become a customer…and we hope you do…we promise to provide the best ongoing customer service possible. Consider us the concierge to your pet and you. In fact, learn about how we can be your pet's personal shopper.

Enjoy your visit!