Busy Buddy - Bargain Bundle
Busy Buddy - Bargain Bundle

Busy Buddy - Bargain Bundle

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Designed to address a common need...at a deep discount
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You love spending time with your dog...and he loves time with you. Sometimes, when you need quiet time to work or relax, your buddy needs something to keep him busy too. That's what the Busy Buddy Bundle is designed for! It contains two great items for keeping your dog's mind...and nose endlessly occupied. Spread or freeze treats on the LickiMat for slow enjoyment and challenge your pup to get the treats out of the puzzle toy. The bundle contains appropriate treats too.

The Busy Buddy Bundle contains:*

  • an 8 in. X 8 in. LickiMat
  • a large Yak chew.
  • a 6 in. flavored cow cheek roll.
  • A flavored cow cheek chip.
  • a treat puzzle toy for crunchy or soft treats (Bob-A-Lot, or similar)
  • a bag of yummy treats to use with the puzzle toy (e.g. Tricky Trainers).

*Based on availability, the types of treats and toys may vary. We reserve the right to substitute appropriate products of equal or greater value. Each Bundle will have a minimum retail value of $45. Get something your dog doesn't like? Contact us...we can help.

**Applies anywhere in the contiguous US