Nose & Toes Wax
Nose & Toes Wax

Nose & Toes Wax

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Avoid dry snouts and tender paws! Dry snouts can affect a dog's sense of smell and some breeds, especially those with short snouts, like bulldogs and pugs, can often suffer from this condition. When dry nose happens, apply our house-made Nose & Toes Wax to help, or use it regularly as a preventative. 

What do summers and winters have in common? They can be tough on a pooch’s paws. Apply Nose & Toes Wax to protect from hot or rough pavement in summer and road salt in winter. It also helps keep the snow from balling up inside the paw pads, which can be painful for a pup. 

Our pet people have told us they love using this wax on their rough feet too! 

CAUTION: Pavement temperatures can get extremely high on hot, sunny days. If the temps are too high it may not be safe to walk your dog on pavement, or on the driveway or parking lots. Check out our seasonal blogs for more about this.

Why we picked this: Our dog won't go walking in winter without it!