Pup Pack - Bargain Bundle
Pup Pack - Bargain Bundle

Pup Pack - Bargain Bundle

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Designed to address a common need...at a deep discount
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Getting a new puppy or adopting a dog? Not sure what essentials to have ready? Our Pup Pack to the rescue!

Each Pup Pack Bundle contains:* 

  • AromaDog Toy - a plush, no stuffing toy with a calming lavender scent.
  • a chew/play toy - for exercise and bonding (our choice of toy).
  • chew treats - aid with oral health and teach your new dog what is ok to chew and what isn't...like your slippers.
  • a toothbrush - long handle, double-sided for all sizes of dog.
  • a bag of training treats (our choice of treat appropriate for training).
  • a roll (30 bags) of environmentally friendly poop bags for...you guessed it...picking up poop.
  • No Poo On You - hand sanitizer in a handy 0.5 oz. flip-cap bottle that clips onto the leash.
  • Paw Prints Cookies - our house-made healthful and yummy PB & Honey cookies with cinnamon and chia seeds. 

*Based on availability, items may vary. We reserve the right to substitute appropriate products of equal or greater value. Each Bundle will have a minimum retail value of $45. Get something your dog doesn't like? Contact us...we can help.

**Applies anywhere in the contiguous US